sábado, 7 de septiembre de 2013

#DramaMadrid 2020

Se ha criticado muy duramente la actuación de la Excelentísima Alcaldesa de Madriz, Doña Ana Botella, por su escaso dominio del inglés durante la presentación de la candidatura olímpica de Madrid 2020 esta tarde en Buenos Aires. Por ello, con el objetivo de salvaguardar el pundonor de nuestra adorada y democráticamente electa alcaldesa, me he tomado la molestia de transcribir su discurso. De esta manera podréis comprobar que no se expresa en un lametable inglés, sino en un perfecto botello, similar al alto valyrio (que sólo unos cuántos especialistas hemos sabido apreciar). A continuación os adjunto el citado vídeo y su transcripción. Música para oídos refinados.

Zankiu Innacio, president Rogue, diar aiesi memberrrs, leidisan yenteltman:

Aijaf detains tuespík tu meni ofyu inai praivit converséisions an olso in a presentéisions in San Peterrsbun an inLosan aaimaset ailaiktu continiu ar frenship ánfrànckli ai don güón distuviar las cheins tuespik tuichoder, so letmi telyu e litel morrr abot mai biutiful jom táun: Madrit.

Madritis güanof de moust confortabel, charmin an invaitin siti in de worrlt. Yast laik olofespeins, Madrid is an ameisin mitcher of tradisions. Yucan sii, fiil an teist de güonder ofispanish colchor in Madrid parks, its fut, its arts an its arquitecter. Perjaps, dousofyu jujaf visitin Madrid sheerr disfilin. Güi jafbin güorkin jarrrrt for meni yiers, so ar guest, olmost eit milion ichier, fiiil at jooum an moust importantli: Madrid ist FAAAN.

The Olimpics Gueims aar not only a selebreision ofespoort. Dei arr olso a selebreision of laif an aieshur dat nou güan selebreit laif laik espanish pipeldú. Deris nacin laik qüait que relaxin cap of café con leche in Plaza Mayor? Or eqüein romantic díner in el Madrid de los Austrias, dioldest part of Madrí? Dis espírienses an soomach morrr ar de jart an soul of Madrit. So léitatudey güen yuar considerin yuarchois for tuentituenti, ai joup you rimember dan, inadishion tu de best prepert plan, Madrí olso ofersyu esiri fulof colcher, fan an welcomin pipel.

De mayic of Madrí is riiiel an güigüontu sher it güiz ol ofyu.

*/ Spain is different y olé!

miércoles, 4 de septiembre de 2013

La diferencia

La principal diferencia entre sueños y proyectos reside en el tipo de artilugio que los retiene. 

Los proyectos están atrapados en el tiempo. Tienen un momento concreto para materializarse; un principio y un final separados por pequeños objetivos. Los proyectos son reales.

Los sueños, sin embargo, están atrapados en la cabeza. Y a veces no saben cómo salir de ahí.

lunes, 2 de septiembre de 2013

Neil Hilborn - OCD

The first time I saw her...
Everything in my head went quiet.
All the tics, all the constantly refreshing images just disappeared.
When you have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, you don’t really get quiet moments.
Even in bed, I’m thinking:
Did I lock the doors? Yes.
Did I wash my hands? Yes.
Did I lock the doors? Yes.
Did I wash my hands? Yes.
But when I saw her, the only thing I could think about was the hairpin curve of her lips..
Or the eyelash on her cheek—
the eyelash on her cheek—
the eyelash on her cheek.
I knew I had to talk to her.
I asked her out six times in thirty seconds.
She said yes after the third one, but none of them felt right, so I had to keep going.
On our first date, I spent more time organizing my meal by color than I did eating it, or fucking talking to her...
But she loved it.
She loved that I had to kiss her goodbye sixteen times or twenty-four times or if it was Wednesday.
She loved that it took me forever to walk home because there are lots of cracks on our sidewalk.
When we moved in together, she said she felt safe, like no one would ever rob us because I definitely locked the door eighteen times.
I’d always watch her mouth when she talked—
when she talked
when she talked
when she talked
when she talked
when she said she loved me, her mouth would curl up at the edges.
At night, she’d lay in bed and watch me turn all the lights off.. And on, and off, and on, and off, and on, and off, and on, and off, and on, and off, and on, and off, and on, and off, and on, and off, and on, and off, and on, and off, and on, and off.
She’d close her eyes and imagine that the days and nights were passing in front of her.
Some mornings I’d start kissing her goodbye but she’d just leave cause I was
just making her late for work...
When I stopped in front of a crack in the sidewalk, she just kept walking...
When she said she loved me her mouth was a straight line.
She told me that I was taking up too much of her time.
Last week she started sleeping at her mother’s place.
She told me that she shouldn’t have let me get so attached to her; that this whole thing was a mistake, but...
How can it be a mistake that I don’t have to wash my hands after I touched her?
Love is not a mistake, and it’s killing me that she can run away from this and I just can’t.
I can’t – I can’t go out and find someone new because I always think of her.
Usually, when I obsess over things, I see germs sneaking into my skin.
I see myself crushed by an endless succession of cars...
And she was the first beautiful thing I ever got stuck on.
I want to wake up every morning thinking about the way she holds her steering wheel..
How she turns shower knobs like she's opening a safe.
How she blows out candles—
blows out candles—
blows out candles—
blows out candles—
blows out candles—
blows out…
Now, I just think about who else is kissing her.
I can’t breathe because he only kisses her once — he doesn’t care if it’s perfect!
I want her back so bad...
I leave the door unlocked.
I leave the lights on.

*/ A veces hay virales así de chulos rodando por el mundo!!! ^^